Now that you’re about to start your new dropshipping business you’re likely coming up against the age-old issue of how to drive traffic. 

Dec 12, 2022 | Dropshipping

Good news!

We offer awesome marketing tools that won’t cost you a penny — but will skyrocket your sales from day one:

  • Customers Gallery – This smart social proof generator will create a gallery of your happy clients and instil trust in your store.
  • Abandoned Cart – This add-on recovers lost sales by bringing visitors back to your store and motivating them to finish their purchase.

And all of it is FREE!

Want even more cutting edge solutions for your dropshipping business?

Check out the powerful collection of our paid add-ons:

  • Google Merchant – for advertising your products on Google Shopping
  • Facebook Business – for creating product catalogs on FB with a single click
  • Recent Sales Pop-up – for building trust and credibility through social proof
  • Social Rabbit – for auto-promotion of your store on top social media (now with a FREE 7-day trial!)
  • Countdown Timer – for driving sales by creating a sense of urgency 
  • Upsell – for motivating shoppers to buy more items at your store

Just use the coupon code ADDON30 at checkout and get 30% OFF any paid AliDropship add-on!

That’s a great deal, right?

Well, we have an even better one for you!

Meet our bestseller: ADD-ON BUNDLE that includes all the SIX paid add-ons mentioned above — but costs only $145 instead of $208 (which is the total price of the 6 add-ons bought separately). Save $63 right now and let these awesome tools take your business to the next level!

And you know what the funniest thing is…

When you choose to buy the Add-on Bundle, the coupon code ADDON30 is valid for that purchase, too! That means you get an additional 30% OFF the bundle’s purchase price of $145 — so you can buy SIX powerful addons for just $101 instead of $208!

But I have to warn you…

This deal can be taken down at any time. 

So you’d be wise to pull the trigger right now before we realize how crazy we are for offering it!

Not sure you can install and adjust the add-ons by yourself? We are ready to give you a hand: just order our Add-ons Setup service and get ready-to-use promo tools without any hassle!

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