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Data Security and Privacy:

We prioritize the utmost confidentiality and security of sensitive information, implementing robust data protection measures to safeguard client and customer data.

Operational Efficiency:

Our specialized processes enhance operational efficiency without compromising quality, ensuring your field repossession operations run smoothly and effectively.

Experienced Team:

 Our seasoned professionals possess extensive expertise in the field repossession industry, with years of experience on various portals, handling both pre-recovery and post-recovery services.

Compliance Assurance: 

We strictly adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring your operations remain fully compliant with the law.

Technology Integration: 

 Leveraging cutting-edge technology and software solutions, we enhance the effectiveness of your back office operations.

Transparent Communication:

We provide clear and transparent communication, offering regular updates on the progress of field repossession efforts.


Our services are designed to be cost-effective, helping you maximize returns on field repossession activities.

Responsive Customer Support: 

Exceptional customer support ensures that inquiries or concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

Tailored Solutions:

We offer customized solutions to align with the unique needs and requirements of each field repossession situation.

Simplified Processes: 

Our services simplify administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on field operations and core business functions.

When outsourcing your back office support for field repossession, trust us to secure your data, optimize efficiency, and provide tailored support to excel in the field while maintaining compliance and cost-effectiveness


 Pre -Recovery Services

  • Accept/ Decline/ Loading based on SOP/Template(based on criteria)
  • Providing Updates for engagement of client on daily/weekly basis.
  • Requesting for Flatbeds,dolly, mileage, fuel surcharge and other fees.

 Post-Recovery Services

  • Pics upload/ Condition reporting
  • Requesting/Billing Key Quotes
  • Total Billing / Storage Billing
  • Transportation/ Paperwork

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